AntiFraud &Margin
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What we do
We are detecting any kind of fraud, calculating impact on margin, implementing the analytics, setting up firewalls & antifraud systems, consulting business, preventing future losses
Main activities
CDR tracing
An analytical module for detecting the SIM box, which allows to estimate the volume of illegal international termination of voice calls from all mobile operators around the globe
A2P interconnect
Analytical module for detecting illegal termination of A2P traffic based on the analysis of the behavior of on-net/off-net subscribers, calculating the gross margin and analyzing the interconnect balance.
Active tests (Voice, OTT)
Conducting tests aimed to adapt analytical model and building model of Supervised Learning
Viber ByPass Detection
Software complex, aimed to detect the termination of classical international traffic in the Viber application and the subsequent reduction of QoS of the current Internet session
Reengineering SMS Firewall & FMS
Based on Active tests, the effectiveness of existing controls is evaluated and proposals for reengineering are formed
FMS deployment and customization 
Adaptation of standard management tools to the operator market
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